Spectator Pods

General admission ticketing for the upcoming South Africa test matches has changed to accommodate the requirement to operate spectator pods for both Test Match One (17 Feb – 21st Feb) and Test Match Two (25 Feb – 1 March)

All ticket holders who had previously purchased tickets (prior to moving to red setting) to either test match have had their tickets refunded. Ticketek has sent emails to these people with a code to re purchase their tickets for spectator pods within a priority window from Friday 11th Feb – 12pm Monday 14 Feb.

Any tickets still available will be available for sale to Cricket Nation members from 11am-12pm Monday 14th Feb.

Any remaining tickets still available will be made available to the general public from 12pm on Monday 14th Feb.

Tickets for both test matches will be available during the times above.


Go to https://tickets.nzc.nz/content/nzc/matches.aspx for ticket sales

For any questions about ticketing please contact Ticketek.