24 MARCH 2022 – 3 APRIL 2022


The following items are permitted in the Venue:

Food and beverage
• Sealed plastic bottles containing non-alcoholic beverages for personal consumption
(max 1L).
• Empty drink bottles to be filled using water provided at the venue, including empty
plastic water bottles (max 1L).
• Small amounts of non-commercially packaged food intended for personal consumption
such as sandwiches, fruit, crackers, biscuits and cakes. Ensure food is not stored in glass
containers (not permitted).
• Soft-sided chilly bags within 350mm high by 300mm deep by 400mm wide that must be
able to fit under a seat.
• Metal based thermos flasks

Furniture and equipment
• Low profile portable/collapsible seat (base of the seat is no higher than 300mm from the
ground and no wider than 600mm) for the grass embankments.
• Deck Chairs may be permitted in designated areas, subject to space.
• Personal, collapsible rain umbrellas no larger than a golf umbrella are permitted but
they should not be used if they obstruct the view of other spectators.
• Prams/strollers/pushchairs may be permitted (depending on venue) in designated areas,
subject to space and at owners’ risk.
• Personal cricket bats and balls are allowed within the venue but their use is restricted to
activities that do not impact on other patrons enjoyment of the event or their safety.

Flags and signage
• Flagpoles up to one (1) metre in length.
• Flags, banners, etc. are permitted. However, they may be removed, at the sole
discretion of the Event Management Staff, if they are considered too large; or if they are
considered obscene, abusive or may cause offence to another person.

Audio and filming devices
• Pre-approved musical instruments. If you wish to bring musical instruments with you to a
match, you will need to complete the following forms and have them approved by CWC22.
• Portable audio devices used for listening to commentary (to only be used with earphones).
• Photographic, video or audio recording equipment for private, non-commercial purposes

Food and beverage
– Alcohol not purchased at the venue.
– Opened drink containers e.g. bottles of water and non-alcoholic beverages.
– Cans (including aerosol cans), glass bottles/containers, glass thermos flasks, any breakable container.
– Commercially packaged takeaway food and beverages.
– Hard chilly bags, picnic hampers.
Furniture and equipment
– Furniture including inflatable soft chairs/sofas, portable chairs, stools, sofas, camp chairs and bean bags.  – The exception is deck chairs in designated areas and small low profile portable/collapsible seats on the  grass embankment which have a base no higher than 300mm from the ground and are no wider than 600mm.
 – Pop up and/or portable shelters and tents.
 – Large umbrellas. The exception is personal, collapsible rain umbrellas golf umbrella size and smaller which may be permitted (depending on venue), but they should not be used if they obstruct the view of other spectators.
Audio and filming services
 – Musical instruments unless pre-approved by CWC22.
 – Cameras or recording devices for commercial purposes.
 – Sound amplifying devices including loudhailers, air horns or similar devices (whistles, vuvuzelas, etc.).
 – Drones, unmanned aerial vehicles or operating equipment in respect of the same.
 – Animals with the exception of approved assistance animals.
 – Illicit drugs.
 – Dangerous goods.
 – Weapons, fireworks, missiles or other items considered dangerous.
 – Flares, fireworks, laser pointers.
 – Skateboards, roller blades, scooters or bicycles are prohibited inside the venues. Designated areas outside of the venue will be available to park scooters and bicycles, make sure you bring your personal lock.
 – Flags, banners that are obscene, offensive or abusive.
 – All vehicles entering and leaving the ground may be searched.
 – Searches may be carried out during an event and when entering/leaving the ground.
Dress code
 – Gang patches.
 – Clothing or accessories displaying offensive messages; accessories that look like, or could be used as, weapons; branded clothing worn, or brought into the venue, whether individually or by a group, which Event Management staff consider is being worn or carried in an attempt to ambush market at the match; and costumes or other ‘dress up’ clothing considered obscene, indecent or offensive by Event Management staff or of such a size that it obstructs any other spectator of their view of the match.
 – No high-visibility vests or clothing may be worn.
Banned activities
 – Smoking and vaping.
 – Being intoxicated/under the influence of drugs.
 – Being verbally or physically abusive or behaving in an offensive manner.
 – Using obscene language.
 – Communicating or transmitting from within the venue any information or knowledge that may support any form of betting or gambling, including live betting, scalping, whether within or outside any venue by third parties (further sanctions and penalties may apply).
 – Unsolicited selling of merchandise, advertising or promotional giveaways.
 – Engaging in, or conducting, any ambush marketing.
 – Having no valid entry ticket or accreditation pass.
 – Obstructing entrances, exits and stairwells.
 – Standing on seats.
 – Entering or attempting to enter the field of play at any time either prior, during or after a match.
 – Throwing items into the air or onto the pitch.
 – Having previously been issued with a trespass notice that still applies.
 – Attempting to bring in/are in possession of prohibited items.
 – Denying permission for the inspection of themselves, bags or other items in their possession.
 – Committing any act deemed a crime in New Zealand Law.
 – Engaging in any form of activity that either directly or indirectly unduly impacts on the delivery or outcome of the match, or negatively impacts the experience of other spectators at the venue.
 – Event Management staff have sole discretion to refuse entry to any spectator who exhibits symptoms of an infectious disease.
 – Event Management staff have sole discretion to refuse entry or evict any spectator who does not meet the venue entry criteria.
 – Entry refusal/eviction may lead to arrest, prosecution and/or a trespass notice being issued.
 – Any other item or activity which the Event Management Staff (at their sole discretion) deems to be prohibited which may be a danger to or inconvenience any other or which might otherwise compromise the integrity of a match.
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