The Canterbury Cricket Trust would like to thank the following donors and funders for their contributions towards the Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Centre. Your support will ensure this world-class indoor training facility is available for all members of the Canterbury community for years to come.

Thank you to the following donors


Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust

Stephen & Heather Boock



Sir Stephen Tindall

Glenn and Lynne Ritchie

Mark Stewart



Graham Harris

Andrew & Jo Nuttall

Lance and Anne Ryan

Lucy Boock and Bryan Walker

Steve McNally and Liz Signal

Brendan & Jo Prendergast

Steve and Anita Bateman

Neil and Patricia Ockwell

Erskine Spence Family

David & Wendy Fleming

Marcel and Charlotte Gray

Lee and Marian Robinson

Trevor and Margaret Thornton

The Dellaca Family

Richard Goord

Steve and Helen Wakefield

Jim Wakefield

Bob and Marilyn Masefield

Hayden Ryan

Mike & Sue Satterthwaite & family

Christchurch Metropolitan Cricket Association

Brent and Lynn McConchie

Ashley Taggart

David Bond

Ric Horsfall

Doug Catley

Richard Robson

Craig Thiele

Canterbury Men's Cricket Team

Trudy Anderson

Percival Family

Peter Guthrey

Gordon and Wendy Fulton

The Canterbury Umpires & Scorers Association

Master Cleaning Services

JAR Builders Ltd

Lancaster Club

Warren Stanlake

Graeme Hulston

Brian Davidson

Justin Murray

Keith Yardley

Ruvae Britten

Lady Adrienne Stewart

Hiatt Family

Jeff & Lyn Henry

Ann McKeena

Chris and Rachael Selbie

Margaret Gutberlet

Chris and Michele Sales

Kevin Lindsay

S G Maister

Amy Satterthwaite & Leah Tahuhu

Faith Family Fellows

Ivan Lawson

Sir Richard and Lady Dianne Hadlee

Mark and Dawn Green

Helen and John Eskett

Grant and Linda Wilby

Stewart Cullen

Ian Penrose

John Wright

Aaron McKenzie

Janna Robinson

Highbank Communications/Mike Dolden

Alastair Black

Jeff Field

Dorothy Gibbs

Elton Walther

Juella Hawke

Bert Walker

Bob Carter

Jeff Cox

Paul Herbison

Gary Lund

Rochelle Gray

Delwyn Ledingham

Jo Scott

Dale Mayhew

Kelvin Morton

Trevor & Kay Clegg

Dan Vann

John Summers

Kuini Pugh

Barbara Meikle

Julie Statham-Curtain

Jason Sheat

Hecta Williams

Chontelle Tie

Kelsey Walker

Penny Patterson

Desiree Pretty

Tony Thurston

Craig Robertson

C S Woolley

All donors who have chosen to remain anonymous

Thank you to the following funders

Sir Richard Hadlee Sports Trust

Sport New Zealand

Pub Charity

Lion Foundation

One Foundation

Kiwi Gaming Foundation

NZ Kiwi Foundation

Rata Foundation